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Sprinter Camper Van Service

Upgrades, Installations & Repairs

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Electricity & Connectivity

batteries with heating pad in cabinet

Battery Upgrades

We specialize in battery system installations and upgrades for Sprinter camper vans. Choose from our range of 100Ah, 200Ah, and 400Ah battery options to suit your needs. See our Battery Upgrades page to learn more.

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Solar chaging system for camper vans

Solar Charging System

Get a solar panel system installed in your Mercedes Sprinter van. 200W of solar power as well as a solar charge controller hooked up to your battery bank. All hardware and labor is included.

Price: $1,895
Shore power and outlets for camper vans

Charging & Shore Power

We provide a range of charging solutions for your Sprinter camper van, including an alternator charging connection, an external shore power socket, and a dual alternator system. See our Charging Solutions page to learn more.

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weboost antenna for camper van

Cellphone Booster

Boost your cellphone signals and stay connected on the go with our Cellphone Booster. Designed for Sprinter camper vans, our system includes a high-gain directional antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna to deliver strong and reliable signals to your devices. Stay connected and explore with confidence! See our Cellphone Booster page to learn more.

Price: $1,895 Learn More
starlink receiver on camper van roof rack

Satellite Internet

Stay connected wherever your adventures take you with Satellite Internet. Browse the web, stream your favorite shows, and video call your loved ones from even the most remote locations. Enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing connectivity! See our Starlink Internet page to learn more.

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bug net in slider door of camper van

Bug Nets

Our Bug Nets are designed to fit perfectly onto your Sprinter camper van's slider and rear doors, keeping insects out while still allowing fresh air to circulate. See our Bug Nets page to learn more.

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flares on rear passenger side of camper van

Windows & Flares

Adding windows to your camper van improves natural light, ventilation, visibility and resale value. We also offer van flare installations to add more room for sleeping and lounging. Learn more by going to our Windows and Flares Page.

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Product photo of van heater


Stay warm on your van life adventures with our heating upgrades and repair services. Our experienced team is equipped to diagnose and repair a range of heaters, including Webasto, Espar, Rixens, and Timberline, and offer altitude adjustments and cleaning services to keep your system running smoothly. See our Heater Services page to learn more.

Price: $1,095
camper van fan


Titan Vans provides a fan installation service for camper vans using Maxxair 7500K fans. With attention to detail, our technicians install the fans based on your preferred location and wiring specifications, ensuring improved ventilation and temperature control within your van for a more comfortable experience.

marine table in camper van

Marine Table

If you need a table that won't get in the way, our marine table is for you. Easy to set up and can be disassembled into two pieces for compact storage. Perfect for dining, working, or playing games, the marine table is a must-have addition to your van.

Price: $1,495
headliner shelf above seats in camper van

Headliner Shelf

Looking for more storage space in your Mercedes Sprinter camper van? Our Headliner Shelf provides an additional shelf above the cabin area. The Headliner Shelf is the perfect solution for storing books, clothes, and other essentials within reach while maximizing the use of space in your camper van.

Price: $695
Price: Varies Learn More
coin dot flooring with l track in camper van


A well built floor is the basis for all van builds. Our base floor includes, 1/2" marine ply, 1 piece air craft grade vinyl flooring, and recessed l-track in strategic locations depending on the option you choose. See our Flooring Installations page to learn more.

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swivel seats in camper van


Our seating options increase your van's capacity, making sure everyone can come along for the adventure. See our Seating page to learn more.

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speaker in rear door of camper van


Our audio solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your sprinter van and provide crystal clear sound quality for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. See our Audio Upgrades page to learn more.

Price: $3,495
slide-out-tray sticking out the back of a van

Slide Out Tray

This heavy-duty tray is 500lb rated, providing you with ample space to store your gear, tools, and equipment. Our custom-designed tray is built to fit your specific van model, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration. With its smooth and easy slide-out function, you can access your belongings effortlessly, making your van life adventures more convenient and enjoyable.


pop top roof for camper van

High Roof Pop-Top

A hard shell pop-top roof for your camper van. Sleeps two adults and is accessible from the interior of your van via a drop-down ladder.

Price: $14,795
rooftop tent on camper van

Rooftop Mounted Tent

Quick and easy to set up this rooftop tent sleeps 2 adults and comes with a ladder for exterior access.

Price: $5,435
Price: Varies Learn More
roof rack installed on camper van

Roof Racks & Cross Bars

Add storage space or an additional area to hang out on the exterior of your van with our roof racks or cross bars. See our Roof Racks and Crossbars page to learn more.

side mounted ladder on camper van

Side Mount Ladder

Our side mount ladders offer an ergonomic way of getting up to the roof of your sprinter van without adding any additional width to your vehicle.

Price: $1,595
Price: $1,595
side steps on passenger side of camper van

Side Steps

Driver and passenger side running boards to help you enter and exit your sprinter van safely with minimal impact to your overall clearance.

Price: Varies Learn More
deployed awning attached to campervan


A manual crank roof mounted awning to extend the living space of your sprinter van. Keeps the sun off of your sprinter in the summmer and the snow out of your van in the winter. Awning Upgrades page to learn more.

Price: Varies Learn More
rear of camper van with storage and bike rack

Exterior Storage Upgrades

Multiple options to increase the exterior storage capactiy of your van or offer you the ability to carry one or multiple bikes on the exterior of your vehicle. See our Exterior Storage Upgrades page to learn more.

Performance Packages

wheel and tire on a camper van

Backcountry Offroad Package

Fully tuneable suspension upgrade with alloy wheels and all terrain tires

Price: $8,895
winch installed on front bumper of camper van

Offroad Recovery Package

CA Tuned front bumper and winch for whatever recovery scenario you may get into.

Price: $8,225
lights attached to front bumper of camper van

Storm Chaser Lighting Package

Dual Baja design lp6 fog lights mounted to the front of your sprinter van (float or bumper mounted)

Price: $2,695
breaks attached to camper van suspension

Safety and Protection Package

Front and rear large Kerma brake kit with offroad skid plates to keep you and your sprinter van safe when in the back country.

Price: $6,695
fuel tank filler port of camper van

Extended Range Fuel Tank

Explore more and worry less about fuel stops with our extended range fuel tank. Our expert technicians will install a high-quality fuel tank that increases your vehicle's fuel capacity, allowing you to travel further and longer on your van life adventures. This package consists of a 47 Gallon long range replacement fuel tank

Price: $2,695
air compressor installed in engine bay of camper van

Air Compressor System

Ensure that you're always prepared for any situation with our ARB twin air compressor upgrade. This powerful and reliable compressor features four air hookup points, air down connectors, and four quick connect air lines, allowing you to easily inflate and deflate tires, power air tools, and more.

Price: $3,295
mudflaps behind tire on camper van

Mondo Mudguard Big Tire Kit

Upgrade your van's off-road capability with our Mondo Mudguard Big Tire Kit. This kit provides additional clearance to accommodate larger tire sizes, allowing you to take on more challenging terrain with ease. With the ability to fit 275/70R17 tires on AWD or 265/70R17 tires on 2WD, you'll be ready to conquer any trail.

Price: $505

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