Cellphone Booster Installation for Camper Vans

Cellphone Booster Installation

Stay Connected Wherever You Roam
WeBoost Cellphone Booster for Camper Vans

Cellphone Boosters for Camper Vans

At Titan Vans, we understand the importance of staying connected while you're on the road or exploring the great outdoors in your camper van. That's why we offer top-quality cellphone booster installation services, utilizing industry-leading WeBoost products. Our experienced team ensures a seamless installation process, providing you with enhanced cellular signal strength for reliable communication and internet access, even in remote locations.


For $1,895, we'll set you up with a cellphone booster antenna and fold-down kit installation, complete with all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free experience.

* Pricing of installation may vary depending on vehicle and mounting location.

The Benefits of Installing Cellphone Boosters on Your Van

  • Improved Cellular Reception: A cellphone booster amplifies weak cellular signals, ensuring consistent call quality and reducing the likelihood of dropped calls.
  • Faster Data Speeds: Experience faster data speeds for streaming, browsing, and other internet activities with a cellphone booster, even in areas with weak signal strength.
  • Extended Battery Life: By reducing the effort your phone needs to search for a signal, a WeBoost cellphone booster can help extend your device's battery life.
  • Wider Coverage Area: Cellphone boosters enhance signal strength throughout your camper van, allowing multiple users to enjoy improved reception and data speeds simultaneously.

WeBoost Cellphone Boosters

As an expert installer of WeBoost products, we are proud to offer a variety of cellphone booster solutions tailored to your needs. WeBoost's innovative technology is designed to work with all major carriers and is compatible with various camper van models. Key features of WeBoost boosters include:

  • Multi-Device Support: WeBoost boosters are capable of supporting multiple devices, allowing you and your passengers to stay connected simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-Use: Once installed, WeBoost boosters require minimal maintenance and are simple to operate.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand the rigors of van life, WeBoost boosters provide consistent performance in a variety of environments.
  • Universal Compatibility: The WeBoost antenna we use supports all US carrier networks, phones, and cellular devices, and accommodates multiple users simultaneously.
  • 5G-Ready: WeBoost is dedicated to the 5G movement, ensuring all products are compatible with 5G technology and support the latest advancements.
WeBoost Cellphone Booster on top of a camper-van's roof

Expert Installation Services

At Titan Vans, our professional technicians are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality cellphone booster installation services. We'll help you select the perfect WeBoost booster for your camper van and ensure a seamless installation process. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, making sure your cellphone booster installation exceeds your expectations.