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Van Conversions

First, you secure a van. Second, you pick your build model, finish options and upgrades. And Third Schedule your build by contacting us or by going to Build & Price.

We can work with customer supplied vehicles but we can also supply the van as well. We typically have a variety of vans available. We are a licensed dealership and some of the advantages to us supplying the van are:- Streamlines the purchasing process and ensures customers get vans well suited for a conversion.- Customer does not have to title/register/insure the vehicle until it is complete and delivered (only true if not financing)- Factory vehicle warranty start date begins when the van is complete and delivered.

After you buy the van, the Classic conversion model starts at $44,995 and the Ultra conversion model starts at $88,995.

Our warranty covers the craftsmanship of the build and materials. Each appliance is covered by its respective manufacturer. We warranty the electrical system, cabinets, flooring, upholstery, and system in general. 3 years / 36,000 miles (Whichever comes first)

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Camper Van Conversions:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 144" High Roof
  • Mercedes Sprinter 170" High Roof
  • Ford Transit 148" High Roof
  • Ford Transit 148" EL High Roof

Camper Van Service, Repairs and Installations:

  • Titan Vans offers repair and installation services to all camper vans 10 years old or newer.
  • We also service van conversions built by other companies and DIY builds.
  • Need help on just a portion of your build? We got you covered!

Both are great options.

We find the 2WD to be an extremely capable vehicle for a much more reasonable price. Just our two cents, but we've owned and driven both the 4x4 and 2WD. With the right tires and driver, the 2WD can handle a lot of terrain. Here are several reasons we prefer the 2WD.

First, lower initial cost and increased availability. Purchasing a 4x4 from the dealership may require a waiting period of 6-18 months.

Second, lower maintenance cost and better gas mileage. The 2WD gets 2-4 mi/gal better than the 4WD and has lower costs to maintain with fewer components and moving parts.

Third, these vans are not designed for serious 4x4 driving. They can handle a lot of roads, pot holes and rocks, but the smallest van has a 12' wheel base and 8' clearance height before large wheels and tires. They can be pretty miserable on true 4x4 roads with the amount of weight up high, and the wheel base makes it extremely susceptible to damage or high centering.

Lastly, the 4x4 is a limited slip system which means it is not actually a true 4x4.

The Titan Classics's camper van bed is 68 inch wide by 74 inch long and is 5 inch thick.

The battery is the heart of the entire system; all of the power flows into and out of the battery. To recharge the battery, we have three sources: solar, engine and shore (plug-in).

In short, our electrical systems designed to be maintenance free and completely off-grid. All you have to do is keep fuel in the tank.

Service Center

Yes. Titan Vans is a certified dealer and repair specialist for all Webasto products.

Yes. We do provide camper van AC installation service.

Yes. We can install factory or after market van seats which offer more style, functionality and modularity options.

Yes. We offer repair and installation service to any camper van 10 years old or newer. Even if it's a DIY build or a conversion done by a different company.

Yes. We have a full service center that services all camper vans (even ones that were not converted by us.)