Ultra | Mercedes Sprinter 144 | Titan Vans


Base Package - $88,995

  • Chassis: Sprinter 144" High Roof
  • Build Weight: 2,806 Pounds
  • Base Package Price: $88,995
  • Does not include the van
  • 330 Watt Solar Panel
  • Victron 200 Ah Li-Ion Battery
  • Victron Multiplus 3000 Inverter
  • Victron BMV 712 Battery Monitor
  • On-Demand Vehicle Jump Start
  • Integrated Li-Ion Trickle Charger
  • Alternator Charging
  • Webasto Heater w/ SmarTemp
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Fail Safe Furnace Design
  • Rooftop Fan
  • 22 Gal. Wheel Well Water Tank
  • 4 Gal. Electric Water Heater
  • 2.9 GPM Water Pump
  • Interior Shower (Teak Floor Mat)
  • Water Tank Heater Pad
  • Rear Utility Spray Down Shower
  • Water Tank Back Light
  • 9 Gal. Grey Water System
  • Front Driver Side T-Vent Window
  • Driver Ext. Depth Flare + Window
  • Pass. Regular Flare - No Window
  • Fixed Glass Slider Door Window
  • Exterior Porch Light
  • Dimmable Overhead Lighting
  • Recessed Floor L-Track
  • Isotherm Drawer 85 Fridge
  • Rear Couch
  • Lagun Table
  • Faucet, sink + Induction Cooktop
  • Avonite Countertop
  • 5 Gal. Cassette Toilet
  • Bi-Slide Aluminum Bed Platform
  • 80" by 61" Mattress
  • Under-Bed Load Lights
  • Under Cab Lighting
  • Extended Floor Step with Cubby
  • Full Sound Deadening
  • Marine Grade Flooring
  • Tweed Walls + Vinyl Ceiling
  • Driver Side Cabinets
  • Wheel Well Cabinets

The options below apply to the tweed walls and vinyl ceiling.

Van Upholstery Earth Finish Option


Van Upholstery Charcoal Finish Option


The options below apply to the bed trims and the Titan Vans badge.

Van Accent Color Red Finish Option


Van Accent Color Red Finish Option


The options below apply to the shelves and cabinets.

Van Laminate Elm Finish Option


Van Laminate Pearl Finish Option


Metis Camper Van with Basic Package

Upgrade Packages

  • 400 Ah Battery Pack$2,995
    Base Package includes the 200 Ah Li-Ion battery package. Upgrading the battery pack will increase the amount of time that you can spend off grid or run high power draw items. For example, the air conditioning unit pulls 100A on high. Every 200 Ah battery added will give you an additional 2 hrs of run time.
  • 600 Ah Battery Pack$5,995
    Base Package includes the 200 Ah Li-Ion battery package. Upgrading the battery pack will increase the amount of time that you can spend off grid or run high power draw items. For example, the air conditioning unit pulls 100A on high. Every 200 Ah battery added will give you an additional 2 hrs of run time.
  • Dual Alternator$5,595
    Dual alternator allows you to recharge your battery bank faster. The base package includes alternator charging, this is only a secondary alternator that will more than double the charging rate.
  • Cell Booster$1,895
    Extended cell coverage range with exterior mounted cell booster antenna and fold down kit.
  • Starlink - Satellite Internet$3,495
    Allows for high speed satellite internet while parked or in motion. Subscription required.
  • Air Conditioner$3,995
    Rear roof top mounted air conditioning unit, powered directly off of Li-ion battery system.
  • Window Shade Set$1,395
    Insulated shades help in both the summer time months and the cold season. Full kit includes all windows and fans on the vehicle.
  • Furnace Upgrade$995
    Upgraded heater unit gives added comfort for cold weather camping.
  • Swivel Seats Upgrade$1,495
    Upgrade both passenger and driver seats to swivel seats that can be turned to face the living area and be used with a table.
  • Side & Rear Bug Nets$3,995
    Our bug nets do a phenomenal job and keeping those little pests out and getting you the most out of your van experience. The Titan bug nets consist of a separate mounting flange that is fixed around the door perimeter. The bug net is installed to the flange using zippers and velcro for easy on off depending on the season. The bug net can be unzipped and rolled up when not needed or left down and with the integrated magnetic closure, getting in and out is a snap.
  • Ceiling L-Track Puck Mounts$695
    Increase your cargo capacity and mounting points with some single point L-track mounts directly on the ceiling. Allows you to clip and hang backpacks, towels, etc. or mount surfboards or cargo nets up high.
  • 2-Person Fold-Away Seat$2,995
    DOT approved 2-person bench seat with child seat restraints. Replaces Rear Couch. May be easily folded to create more space.
  • Marine Table$1,495
    A 3-piece system that consists of a fixed base plate, recessed into the floor, a central leg, and the table top with receiver.
  • Microwave$695
    0.7 CF microwave mounted in overhead cabinet.
  • Secondary Bed Platform$2,995
    Got kids? This secondary bed platform is a removable two piece platform that clips in underneath the main bed, in the rear of the vehicle. The front portion converts to a couch for added seating and the platform height is set at 14" to still allow for gear storage underneath.
  • Front Speakers Package$995
    Replaces all of the front factory speakers with high end, great sounding, Alpine R component speakers.
  • Premium Sound Package$4,495
    The ultimate sound experience. High end font/rear speakers with amplifier and 8" subwoofer.
  • Headliner Shelf$695
    Turn that wasted space into functional storage! Mounts directly above the driver and passenger seats while still maintaining access to the visor storage areas.
  • Bike Fork Adapters$295
    These adapters work with almost any bike. Regular skewer style axle, 12mm through, 15mm through, and 15mm through with boost spacing. Allows you to quickly and safely carry your bikes inside the vehicle utilizing the integrated floor L-track. Under bed clearance height is 37".
  • Slide Out Tray$2,895
    Plug-n-play L-track mounted slide-out cargo tray for gear or bikes.
  • Vertical Bike Carrier$3,495
    Rear door mounting plate with two 1up vertical bike carriers.
  • Tire/Ladder Carrier$2,995
    Driver side mounted ladder with spare tire carrier.
  • Passenger Side Double Box$3,995
    Rear door mounting plate with dual 19" x 24" aluminum cargo boxes.
  • Side Mount Ladder$1,595
    High roof driver-side mount ladder.
  • Cross Bars$895
    Dual roof mounted cross bars
  • Roof Rack$4,895
    Double loop aluminum roof rack with walkable decking.
  • Awning$2,595
    Manual crank, roof mounted awning.
  • Side Steps$1,595
    Driver and passenger side running boards.
  • Rooftop Mounted Tent$5,435
    Rooftop mounted tent , exterior access only, ladder included.
  • High Roof Pop Top$14,795
    Two person roof pop top, interior access hole with drop down ladder.
  • Backcountry Off-Road Package$8,895
    Tunable suspension kit, with alloy wheels, BFG TKO2 Tires.
  • Off-Road Recovery Package$8,225
    Front bumper and winch.
  • Storm Chaser Lighting Package$2,695
    LP6 Bumper Lights.
  • Perimeter Lighting Package$3,995
    3 sets of roof perimeter lights, 1 pair on driver side, 1 pair on passenger side, 1 pair on rear, and multi-switch on dash.
  • Safety and Protection Package$6,895
    Front and rear large brake kit with off-road skid plates. (Engine, transfer case, and differential)
  • Extended Range Fuel Tank$2,695
    47 gallon long range replacement fuel tank.
  • Air Compressor System$3,295
    ARB twin air compressor with four air hookup points, air down connectors, and four quick connect air lines.
Ultra Camper Van with Upgrades